​It's up to you sistas & brethren!

Find the light and treat your self right. Master thyself. I find the process of making art helps free the mind, through creative thinking, visualizing and the meditative state of carving jade.

Enjoying spring in the park; Master Jade Carver, Brian Matheson and apprentice Kristopher Monteith are the artists behind the fresh new Ital jewelry collection.

Brian has been carving Jade for 15 years working on private jewelry and sculptural commissions for people all over the world.

“The Jade works so beautifully as a medium to represent the Ganga leaves, the stone seems to breathe life into these little sculptures. We are so lucky here in BC, to have a few operating jade mines and I am able to pick the best local qualities for Ital artworks”. (Brian)

Rocking some of the new Ital threads, stay tuned for new product releases and great deals $$$!