For the higher minded 


Ital is a culturally conscious company based in Vancouver, BC Canada. We provide fine lifestyle jewelry & accessories designed for the modern, globally conscious person, someone who has an eye for fine design and craftsmanship.


The Ital team is led by Brian Matheson; who specializes in jewelry and sculpture design, silversmithing and jade carving.



What is Ital?

Ital is a choice - not just a brand.

It is a way of life and a positive statement all at once. 

To understand Ital we must take a short journey (well, you are on the about page right? we assume you have time...and some interest)

It starts fittingly enough with the word 'Ital' - which for many people, is probably synonymous with the famous Caribbean vegetable stew.  

Ital however, has a far wider reach than just satisfying our need for good food (though it does do that well). We are speaking of a lesser-known message in Rasta culture with its links to organic foods and which promote healthy living, a respect for ourselves and an understanding of world around us. Another Rastafari word you might have heard, is "Irie", as in "every 'ting be Irie mon! Irie refers to a state of cosmic harmony. 

The word 'Ital' - is a derivation of 'Vital'

And to be Ital carries some meaning - it stems from a belief system compulsory in the Nyabinghi Mansion of Rastafari which dictates that it's followers should eat food grown from the earth around them - unmodified. Historically, Rasta's live in the hills of Jamaica and eat what grew from the earth around them. That simply put is Ital. To take from the earth unmodified. 

The Ital way of life is where we draw much of our inspiration for our designs. 

Ital is about consuming healthy foods, living in a sustainable manner and choosing natural products. For example they believe for example that when you eat processed meats and foods they tend to have a low-vibration - which your conscience takes on when consumed.

All you really need to know though, is that, in essence, what we take from the earth and how it effects not only our bodies, health or well being but also how much of a positive or negative effect we have on the world at large. 

Ital - is a lifestyle choice. Italbay is that statement. 

Here at Italbay.com - in our own way - in our own corner of the world - we put a lot of love into all we do.  The gemstones we use hold much of these positive intentions. We try and have a positive effect in the things that we do and do well, and that is Jewelry design.

In creating the items we do, we hope to promote the symbols of good lifestyle choices - wherever we find them, we want to put out good vibes, promote awareness and a greater understanding of the world around us. 

That for us. That is the Ital way.

It is why we design, craft, create and sell, all our items carry the weight of our beliefs in them. We try and provoke thought, teach anew old lessons, open doors or say something and every piece is unique and custom designed, one of a kind. 

We try and source only the finest materials direct from mine or earth unmodified and we craft them then by hand into fine jewelry and other items all designed by Brian Matheson - a master Jade carver. Jade, the Stone of Heaven, features a major role in many of our designs.

At Italbay.com we embrace all beliefs and systems and we pride ourselves as been an honest run culturally conscious company.

Our crew while having fun designing and creating fresh styles everyday, are inspired by the Ital way. Using High quality jade and authentic materials sourced from the best locations we hope that the items we sell carry good vibrations around the world. 

We are all very personable, contactable and very open to idea's, comments, suggestions and always happy to answer queries. So please reach out to us here, on on social media. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

The Ital Team


“For me, the Rasta way of life is the relentless pursuit to shaking
the shackles of oppression.
Free to live life in harmony with Earth and our brethren.
It is a revolution to be free enough to live a truthful life.
Truthful to the natural laws, truthful to ourselves and those we can help.
One love.”

Brian Matheson